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TesselationWrapper (still in development) can be used for building and performing basic operations on the triangulation or tesselation of sphere packings. It should be accessed directly from python or included in another engine doing more complex things (e.g. MicroMacroAnalyser - see below, TriangulationCollider, VolumicContactLaw).


The engine MicroMacroAnalyzer computes quantities like fabric tensor, local porosity, local deformation, and other micromechanicaly defined quantities based on triangulation/tesselation of the packing.

(*) Regular is for weighted points (center + radius), while the usual Delaunay is for points.

Fig. 1: Deviatoric srain map in a triaxial test simulation with periodic bondary conditions (10k spheres and elastic-frictional contacts), evidencing strain localization. Output files generated by MicroMacroAnalyzer and post-processed using Paraview.
Fig.2 Defining a local volume for spheres in a packing ( Hartong et al. (2010))