Tracking changes using kompare

From Yade

With subversion

To track changes with subversion you can use svn diff command followed by kompare

bzr diff > file
kompare file

Alternatively you can examine changes between two subversion revisions (eg. 1180 1190) using scripts/svndiff like this:

scripts/bzrdiff 1180 1190 > file
kompare file

Without subversion

To track your changes without subversion you need two trunk/ directories with yade. For example one has a name trunk.original/ and the second has a name trunk/. Normally you do all your work inside trunk/, then to see what changes you have made, you will unpack the original version. Now, this command will do the trick

kompare ./trunk.original ./trunk

Kompare will analyze all the source, and it will take long time, also some unimportant files will be displayed too.