Welcome to Yade - Open Source Discrete Element Method

Yade is an extensible open-source framework for discrete numerical models, focused on Discrete Element Method. The computation parts are written in c++ using flexible object model, allowing independent implementation of new alogrithms and interfaces. Python is used for rapid and concise scene construction, simulation control, postprocessing and debugging.

Yade is located at www.yade-dem.org, which contains this documentation and wiki. Development is kindly hosted on launchpad and GitHub ; they are used for source code, bug tracking and source downloads and more. Building, regression tests and packages distribution run on servers of the Grenoble Geomechanics group at Laboratoire 3SR.

Since March 2012 Yade is using GIT as VCS and placing the source code on github. The Launchpad is importing source code several times per day.

Please make sure you read the "Acknowledging Yade" section if you plan to cite Yade in publications.

This documentation describes Yade version 2019-01-04.git-f5aa5f7 / 2019-01-04.git-f5aa5f7.

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