Release 0.6

From Yade


  • go through examples and make sure all of them work
  • wait a few days to sort out packaging issues, commiting all changes to lp:yade/0.60. Make packages versioned 0.60rc1 and similar.
  • create _one and the only_ tarball yade-0.60.tar.gz. This will be subsequently used to build all debian packages as upstream source tarball (including updates to 0.60 if necessary), so that only differences are then uploaded.
  • build packages for some distros (lucid, maverick; anything else?), make sure they are functional. Copy them over to ~yade-users/ppa, since they are stable (or create "releases" ppa in yade-pkg).
  • announce the release, drink some wine.
  • go ahead breaking trunk for next 4 months.

Release mini-HOWTO


  • use boost::serialization (faster, more reliable), use eigen instead of Wm3 (better supported, more flexible)
  • qt4-based interface with on-the-fly inspection and editing of all internal variables
  • support compilation with clang++
  • live plots
  • periodic boundary conditions are much better tested now
  • batch web interface substantially enhanced (including plots, logs, ...)
  • extended attribute flags (readonly, noSave, hidden, ...)
  • added --rebuild, --debug and --test options